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The stories on this page were originally published on the Simian Discussion Board. I have edited them somewhat, to take out redundancies, incorporate some answers to questions, and I have added some material to make them flow a little better. But basically they are the same.

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  1. Perakee
  2. I Walk Alone
  3. Perakee Palmistry
  4. Pierce of the Earth Arrow
  5. The Web of Desire
  6. Legend of Perakee
  7. Balancing the Level
  8. Sleeping With the Enemy
  9. The Perakee Way
  10. The Boss Energy
  11. Medicine Man
  12. The Rainbow
  13. Land of the Talking Wood


I was born with the simian line in both hands. My grandfather, James Bascom Hoover, had the simian line in both hands. His grandfather, my great great grandfather, a man named Toh, had the lines in both hands. Toh was known as a Perakee, which we would call a medicine man, of the Caddo indians in southwest Arkansas. I was told that every 3rd or 4th generation, a man is born into our line with these marks in our hands. As a result of these markings, I was given a body of arcane knowledge from my grandfather, as it was given to him by his grandfather, as, I was told, has been handed down our line for thousands of years.

I have told this story to very few people, simply because I am not believed. But I will pass some of it on here, thinking maybe it will help some of you understand what these lines are.

Many centuries ago, before those we know as American Indians lived, there existed what is known as the Toltec Empire that spread across the north and south American continents. During that time, it was discovered that people who had what we now call the Simian Lines, had a greater ability to concentrate and learn information that others could not grasp. All children were screened, looking for the lines in the hands and, when found, were taken at the age of 5 to be taught certain knowledge. These individuals were called Perakee, or Holders of the Knowledge of the Land, or simply Manwolves. They formed the governing body, and were used as teachers, priests, and arbitrators of disputes.

As the Empire fell apart, the people fell into tribes according to geographic conditions, forming their own languages and ways of living. Some of the Knowledge was retained as legend and myth, though vastly bastardized. One such example is holding up your hand in greeting. White man thought this was a sign of friendship, to show no weapons were being held. But this was not so. They were showing the lines in their hands. Some Native American peoples still know this, but it has never been understood by outsiders.

Even in some traditions today, when a person becomes accepted as a spiritual leader of his tribe, his initiation includes slashing the palms of his hands to leave straight scars across his hands, so that when he raises his hands to strangers, they can see that he is a Man of Knowledge.

I have become a scholar in an effort to ascertain whether this knowledge I have been entrusted is valid, or if my grandfather was full of shit. And I have indeed found that various societies have held those of us with the Simian Lines in high esteem. But I will leave each of you to make those discoveries on your own.

I have become an established poet and songwriter. In this way, I have passed what was taught to me, and some of what I have learned from those teachings, onto the world, though in a somewhat guarded form. One such poem/song I will give here:


A lone rider moving slow
Across the enemy land.
A band of braves circled close....
He simply raised his hand.
The war cries stopped and the lances dropped
As they saw the mark he bore.
They cleared his way and honored his stay---
To harm him meant certain war!

          He's been to the Graveyard
          To learn the wisdom of the Dead.
          He's read the stones and ancient bones
          Where angels fear to tread!
          He's been to the Graveyard,
          Now he's a Medicine Man!
          Power carried and where he tarries
          Peace spreads across the land!

The Bo tribe of the Caddo
Is the holder of the Blood.
Indian Law said Arkansas
Is the Land of the Talking Wood.
Hot springs and the diamonds
Are fruits of the Sacred land.
You can rob and rape but you can't escape
The curse of the Holy Man!

          Because he's been to the Graveyard.....


2. I Walk Alone

Having had my simian lines pointed out to me at an early age, what they meant and what they portended, I have lived my whole life with this knowledge. If I were to write a book of my experiences, it would have to be titled, I WALK ALONE. And it's underlying theme would have to be: Whether you lead OR follow, you are still just part of the herd!

When I came across the Simian Discussion Board, it did not surprise me that experts were trying to find out more about us, as from reading books on palmistry I have seen that their knowledge is pitifully inadequate. I was very surprised, however, to find many postings of simians who seem to have no idea of who or what they are.

I received a flood of email from my first posting there. Unfortunately, my life is too busy to answer each one with the lengthy responses they deserve. After discussing the problem with Larry Rodriguez, he kindly gave permission to make a few blanket posts there to try to answer some of your questions. And then he encouraged me to make this site. I owe much to Mr. Rodriguez:)

First I want to say that I am not an expert on simian lines. Other than my grandfather and myself, I have never even met another person with double simian lines, and I am 50 years old. I can only report what was passed to me from my grandfather, and how I have used that information to navigate my world.

I have known several, however, with a single simian line. One of them is my best friend, Calvin McWha. I often tease him that his simian side is semi functional. Whereas the rest of the world lives their entire lives using only the top 4 feet of the oceans' waters, I would say that Calvin can safely explore the top 50 feet. And he teases me about being able to dive to the bottom and bring back perfect pearls. When I show up at his house with a new poem, he says, "Ah, I see you found another one." Then he grabs his guitar and we go about the task of putting it to music. He once referred to me in song as: "...... a painful hangnail on the middle finger of a manicured world!"


(excerpt from) IT IT WRITTEN

You can write a book
On every man who ever lived,
And still not comprehend
All that life can give.
Everybody's got it---
Nobody gets it!

My grandfather taught me that there are 2 kinds of people born. They are called Perakee and Mahakah. The difference is represented by the lines in their hands by how they use their life force. He said the life force is just like the Sun. We cannot live without the Sun, but it is too powerful for us to use directly. It must be weakened and put into components that man can use, such as warmth, light, food, water, and oxygen. Likewise, the life force must be toned down in order to be used by man.

These components are clearly shown on the lines of the hand. The Life Line shows how much of the life force each of us is allotted. The Head Line shows how the life force propels us throughout our lives. These are the main lines of the Perakee, though other lines may show direction.

Mahakah have a third major line on their hands. It is known as the Line of Death, whimsically called the Heart Line by hand analysts. It has nothing whatsoever to do with matters of the heart..... at least in the tradition that was given to me. Instead, it shows the powerful self destructive forces inherent in the vast majority of mankind. It is the mark of the dark side of man--- emotion, ego, pettiness, lust, possessive-ness. It is indicative of the force behind all lying, cheating, rage, war, religion, stealing, and wanton destruction, not only of mankind, but all of earth's resources.

My grandfather told me that there are few Perakee born, and that most of them die in childhood. The life force with which they are born is simply too powerful to be contained by most babies. In order for them to have even a slim chance of surviving, two things must be in place. They must be born into strong and healthy bodies, free of genetic defects. And they must be surrounded from birth by kind, loving, and patient adults. If they live to the age of 5, then they have passed their first great hurdle. They have successfully contained their power.

At that time they are given guidance to help them channel their great energy. They have much to learn before they can safely venture into adulthood, the most important of which is how to live within the framework of their society. If they do not, they will be branded outcasts. Indians simply banished them from the tribe. But the Mahakah of white man is not so tolerant--- they even whip their own children! If they do that to those they love, how will they treat us who they can never know? Guard your tongue well, lest you be imprisoned or hanged.

Here is a very personal poem that I wrote many years ago:



Great grandfather was the last of the Perakee,
Medicine man of the Bo tribe, back when Toh was chief.
His life was long, he dreamed of the Hunting Ground,
But he waited just for me to hand his knowledge down.
"The lines on your hand show you are a special one.
Two bloods battle in your veins--- the Moon and the Sun.
You are Toltec, holder of the knowledge of the land.
Man is Mahakah, you are Perakee--- the Perceivers and
the Damned.

          Words are your weapons, you cleave the world in two.
          Power flows within you. You are the northern wind.
          By day the gentle rain, by night the rolling thunder,
          Perakee the Manwolf, you stalk the hearts of men.

Always veil the truth, but never tell a lie.
Never make yourself a target for any passerby.
Listen to those who tap you in the darkness of the day
Let the Spirit guide you in all you do and say.
Touch your world lightly, take only what you need.
Travel inside yourself to find the sacred keys
That unlock the holes in the sounds of the shadows of the land.
And as you grow you will come to understand."

He walked with me until my seventeenth birthday,
Said, "You're the old one now." and simply walked away
I don't know where he went, or all he talked about.
But as I grew into a troubled young man, I found out
That I live in two worlds- one of peace, one of wrath.
Though I am a modern man I tread an ancient path.
Hands tied to the millstone, my mind is running free.
The world does not know me..... the last of the perakee.


3. Perakee Palmistry

My grandfather's father married the youngest daughter of Toh, medicine man and chief of the Bo tribe of the Caddo Indians of southwest Arkansas. Toh was a Perakee, which means he was born with simian lines in both hands. Knowledge of the lines was given to him by his grandfather, who was a Perakee.

My grandfather was born in 1892, and he had simian lines in both hands. And he was given the knowledge of the lines from Toh. The Bo tribe was wiped out by smallpox in 1912. Toh was never seen again, and his body was never found. I was born in 1954, with simian lines in both hands, and my grandfather began teaching me when I was 5. That was 45 years ago, and I have never spoken of it till now, even to my wife of 33 years. So please bear with me if I appear to be stumbling in my explanation. It is rather difficult to remember conversations verbatim from the time of when you have barely learned to walk.

I have tentatively named this knowledge Perakee Palmistry for reference purposes. It is a body of knowledge developed by Simians to be used by Simians. It was given to me incidental to and preparatory to deeper knowledge that a Simian can use to maintain balance in his life. So let's just say that I am recording here for the purposes of posterity a primitive tradition of an American aboriginal people.


The side of the palm next to the thumb is called the East. The side toward the fingers is called the North. The outside edge of the palm is the West. And the side toward the wrist is called the South. The lines on the palm show the types of energy we use as humans, and how we use them in our lives.

Our energy comes to us from the Earth, and is shown entering the palm from the East. The energy is split in two upon entering the body, and is shown in the palm as the Earth line and the River.

The path of the energy we do not use in our conscious life, but nevertheless is used by us to sustain our world, is shown as the Earth line as it flows from the River into our body to the South. This line represents the foundation of our world, the rock upon which we live, the cornerstone of all we are and can ever be. It is our physical body. It is what makes us alive, as opposed to being just a dead thing. (It is called the Life line by traditional hand analysts.)

The River shows the energy we use to be human, as opposed to being just another live thing. It continues to travel west upon entering the body. Within its channel flows all the energies that make up our conscious awareness. The 2 most powerful of which are the Sun, which is our reason, and the Moon, which is our emotion. (Traditional hand analysts call this the Head line.)

In a normal human being, the River flows strongly and deeply, in a straight line westward all the way across the palm, all of its energies running smoothly and harmoniously off the edge of the hand and into the afterlife and beyond. All of its energies work together to battle the problems and hardships of life. And because they work together, the River is very very powerful.

However, this perfect configuration happens in only a very few people. In most people, the energy of the River is split, causing it to lose much of its vitality. Their River does not run as strongly. It travels southward somewhat, and does not have the force to make it all the way across the hand. What happens is the Sun and the Moon cannot work together. The Moon leaves the River and makes it own channel in the North. (This is called the heart line by traditional hand analysts.)

The reason the intellect is called the Sun is because, like Sol, it shines with a brilliant radiance and forcefulness all its own. Where reason walks, darkness cannot exist. It can illuminate even the darkest areas in our life. But, like the Moon, emotions cast no light of their own. When hidden from the light of the Sun, the Moon is nothing but darkness. Even emotion's most positive quality, Love, is but a pale reflection of the need and desire to not be alone. Since the Moon has no life of its own, the channel where it flows is called the Line of Death.

The Moon is always angry and jealous of the Sun, because it knows it can never be as powerful. It is dependent upon the Sun for its energy, so it despises its master and is resentful. The Sun stays in the River, but it has lost much of its power without the Moon. And they are always fighting for control of the person.

A person whose life forces work together in the River is called Perakee, or He Who Speaks With Authority. He sees more clearly and can work more consistently toward his goals because he can direct all he IS on the problem at hand.

A person whose life forces are split is called Mahakah, or Perceiver. For him, perception is reality. He takes everything that he sees, hears, smells, tastes, and touches as concrete. But because of all the bickering between the Moon and the Sun, his interpretation of what he senses is often faulty.

In the Perakee tradition, the right hand indicates the patterns at work during the day, and the left hand indicates the patterns at work in the darkness of the day. This is not talking about daytime and nighttime. Day means times when you are in normal awareness, in full control of your faculties. Darkness of the day refers to times when you are being pushed or pulled by circumstances outside your control: when you are asleep, or under trying circumstances, or emotional duress, panic, under the influence of alcohol or drugs, etc. It refers to times when your unconscious mind takes over.

Neither Perakee nor Mahakah is better or worse. Each has his own flaws. It takes a lifetime to master each's own strengths and weaknesses. And they need each other.


4. Pierce of the Earth Arrow

If we lived in a perfect society, at peace and without pettiness, everyone would be born with the lines of the Perakee. The life force would flow like a powerful river straight across the palm and off the edge of the hand into the afterlife and beyond. There are 22 energies flowing in the River which work together to make us human. Some are animal qualities, some are plant qualities, and some are unique to humans alone. Of the uniquely human energies, the 2 most powerful are the Intellect, or Sun qualities, and Emotion, called the Moon qualities. All these energies work together, not always harmoniously, to battle life's problems.

But in the vast majority of people, the life force is split in two. The Sun and Moon do not work together. They are completely separated. The Moon, and some of its allies, leaves the River and creates its own channel in the North, toward the fingers. The intellect, and its allies, remains in its original course, but the River's power is greatly reduced. It curves to the South, toward the wrist, because the Emotions exert enough force to change the course of the River. And the River now lacks the force to cut a channel all the way across the palm.

The lines on the hands are created before a person is born. They are formed at the exact moment when the fetus becomes a living entity, a live baby inside the mother. Prior to this moment, the fetus is a growth of the mother, like a fingernail or hair. But when it has grown to a certain state, where all the necessary physical parts are formed and functioning, the fetus is ready to begin receiving its own earth energy. And everything is in place to bring an inanimate object to Life.

The moment the baby receives its very first spark of Life is called the Pierce of the Earth Arrow. It is felt as a great jolt, to the baby and to the mother as well. Mothers ALWAYS know the exact moment this event takes place, and frequently exclaim, "I just felt the baby's first kick!" But the baby is still too small to have enough flesh and bone to make a ripple large enough to be felt by the mother. Until now, if the woman even knows she is going to have a baby, her pregnancy is an abstract knowledge. But from this moment onward, there is NO doubt in the mother's mind that her baby is alive!!!

No man can know the exact sequence of events that bring the baby to life. But we can speculate. All we can know for sure is that the burst of earth energy leaves the scars of its passing in the hands, and that the energy will follow that exact same pattern throughout all the days of that person's life........ unless the Spirit Itself decides to change a person's destiny.

The Perakee tradition envisions this process as the Earth shooting an arrow of Life Force into baby. If there are no defects, everything built to precise genetic pattern, the arrow will pass through leaving almost no scarring. The initial impact breaks the arrow into two pieces, each following its own path. The path of the energy which upholds our world is shown by the Earth line in the hand as it curves Southward. The path of the human awareness is shown by the River as it passes straight across the hand.

If the fetus is not formed exactly right, according to exact genetic specifications, three things can happen. 1) The process may not work at all, in which case the fetus does not come alive and is aborted by the mother's body. 2) The material may not be dense enough, in which case the damage is so great that the life force cannot be retained effectively by the body. The baby may live for awhile, but as it grows it needs more and more energy, which it cannot keep inside the body long enough to use, and the baby slowly starves. This is what happens to most Perakee, they die before the age of 5. 3) If the physical material of the fetus is too dense, then the arrow of life shatters upon impact, the fragments leaving more than the two normal scars in passing.

Once baby is born, his greatest battle has just begun. There are places where all the strength of body and loving parents are simply not enough. Disease, unclean drinking water, malnourishment, war, pestilence, or something maybe as simple as accident or molestation by a trusted baby-sitter--- any of these things could disrupt the delicate flow of energy within the baby's body. You are right in saying that in a modern country, babies today have a GREAT chance of developing normal healthy bodies. And the teachings were passed from my ancestors at a time when there was no painkiller or sterile hospital facilities. I was the first in my family to ever be born in a hospital. In my childhood, in the '50s and '60s, many babies and mothers died in childbirth. So, yes, these things have to be taken into consideration.

But there may be other things too. I am not a geneticist in any shape, form, or fashion, but something about this whole business of connecting Perakee babies with defective genes doesn't sit right with me. I have personally known couples who had one or two normal, healthy babies, then had a baby with Downs, then had other normal, healthy babies. If it has something to do with the genes of this couple, then why are not all that couple's babies born with defective genes?

It is almost as if researchers have accepted it as fact that Simian lines are the result of defective genes. I wonder how far out of line I would be if I were to suggest that maybe, just possibly, that is not the case at all. Could it be that the genetic defect is caused by the same energy that caused the Simian line itself?

Let's go back to what my grandfather said about the energy a Perakee baby carries is sometimes simply too great for his body to contain. Once a baby is born, he is infinitely stronger than when he was just a tiny fetus inside the womb. In the majority of babies, the energy is split when the Earth Arrow brings them to life. This weakens the energy, thus making it much easier to contain. What happens when the energy does not split, but floods the tiny new baby with raw, undiluted power inside the mother?

It may just be, however ignorant the suggestion may sound, that the very delicate balance of the genetic structure is sometimes damaged beyond repair.........

A baby perakee is known as the First of the Perakee, up to the age of five. It does not mean that he is the first Perakee, but that this is the first that the world has seen of a particular Perakee. At this age he is compared to pure water from the well. From the age of five to seventeen, he is compared to a mountain stream, bubbling and laughing as it makes it way down the mountainside. From the age of seventeen to twenty-nine, he is compared to a raging torrent that cuts through the earth, testing its strength against all obstacles, eroding everything in its path to form its own channel. Then after the age of twenty-nine, when he has learned to control his impulses and desires, he is known as the Last of the Perakee. Again, this does not mean that he is the last Perakee that will ever live. It means that this is the last stage of a particular Perakee's life. He is then compared to a wide, lazy river that is slowly moving to the sea, taking with it all the dregs and sediments of life to be cleansed in the waters from which it came.

If the earth arrow is shattered, its 22 separate components may spread willy-nilly across the palm. The 2 most powerful human components are the Intellect and Emotions and they almost always leave the imprint of their passing, even when they separate. But from the moment of their separating to the end of their life, they will struggle for supremacy. The farther their lines are apart, the less they will work together, the more they will fight. The area between them is a battlefield. If they are extremely far apart, they are more like two cowards calling each other names--- one afraid to throw the first punch and the other is glad of it!

When there are other lines in the hand, such as what hand analysts call the Fame line, then that indicates that other fragments of the life force are making their bid for power. They may not win, but they add further confusion into a person's life.

When the life forces work together, they make a river that goes completely across the hand. When they are split up, none of them contain the force to make it all the way across. This is interpreted to mean that the energy of the line will lose its power or cease altogether before the person physically dies. He may lose his mind through accident or disease, like Alzheimer's. He may lose the power of his emotions..... most people mellow out with age.

Perakee Palmistry says that the fewer lines on the hand, the less predictable a person is.........


5. The Web of Desire

According to my grandfather, the word Perakee was synonymous with Medicine Man, Wise One, and Manwolf. These are three distinct classifications. Just having the lines in his hands does not automatically make a child a Medicine Man. It is only after a life long struggle to understand who and what he is, to control the energies he carries, to find the balance and peace within himself that allows Wisdom to flow forth. He was held in awe from the moment of his birth. The people of the village understood that, though he be ignorant and stupid now, the time would come when he would lead, and upon him depend the survival of the village.

The knowledge the Perakee was given was not secret. My grandfather told me that Toh was surrounded by people of his village at all times. He told my grandfather his stories in front of all who wished to listen, and many did. They were free to use the information any way they saw fit.

There is absolutely no difference physically, other than the lines on their hands, between Perakee and Mahakah. You can not pick them out of the crowd by hair color, eye color, musculature, likes and dislikes, personal history, financial status, habits, or any other trait you can name. Neither is more powerful, nor weaker, nor smarter, nor conscientious. They both receive the same amount and type of energies from the earth.

The ONLY difference between the two is that the energies of Mahakah is divided, while the energies of Perakee is not. This makes absolutely no difference to society at large. But, according to the tradition of my ancestors, this makes a great deal of difference in how Perakee and Mahakah perceive the world. And they say that the secret to unlocking this mystery lies in understanding the only line they have in common--- the Earth line.

When the Earth arrow was shot into the fetus to bring it to life, it split in two main pieces. In Perakee, the energies that make us human continued westward, forming a powerful river that flows across the palm and off the side into the afterlife and beyond. The most powerful of those energies is the Intellect, or Sun energies. In Mahakah, the Arrow is shattered and leaves many scars. The Sun continues to travel westward, but loses its force and flows southward. The Emotions, or Moon energies, form their own channel in the North.

In both Perakee and Mahakah, the part of the Arrow that humans do not use in their every day existence, but nevertheless is used to uphold their world, flows South toward the wrist, and the scar it leaves in its passing is called the Earth line. Twenty-two energies flow through the River, but many times that number flow through the Earth line. No man knows how many it takes to hold our physical world together.

My grandfather told me, as an analogy, that humans use only the top four feet of the water of the ocean. And that all the water beneath is what flows through the Earth line.

The main energy of the Earth line is called Desire. Desire rules not only our world, but the entire earth as well. It is the prime motivating factor behind all that is, ever was, or ever will be. The Great Spirit desired humor in Its life, and told the Earth to make it so. The Earth desired to please the Great Spirit, and so created humans. Now the Great Spirit watches the comings and goings of humans, with our deadly seriousness, and laughs Its ass off!

Desire is what causes us to do anything we do. All our energy is at our beck and call, and we direct it with our Desire. If we desire something, we do whatever it takes to acquire it, to the extent of the strength of that desire. Unfortunately, most of mankind doesn't know what it desires. Their desire changes from moment to moment. And after getting what they desire, they find they are not satisfied. They find that whatever it was, was not what they desired after all. Their Sun and Moon bicker constantly, telling the person to desire more, better, different, faster, slower, prettier, stronger, etc., etc., etc.

Their whole life is like being caught in a giant spider web, one huge web of Desire! People constantly struggle to free themselves from it until they run out of energy and die. All their energy is wasted on pettiness.

Perakee are not free from Desire, either. But, in an effort to counterbalance this strong pull, it is explained to them what it is and how it works. Then at least they are free to choose how to direct their energies.

When a baby is born, it arrives into a world that is totally alien to him. The only constant is his mother. She was with him while he was in the world of the Womb, and she stayed with him throughout his arrival here. She is his only link to his small sense of reality. Her touch, voice, and smell are all that he can even begin to understand. As his senses grow, he begins to feel, hear, taste, smell, and see other things around him. Everything is so strange, he has no idea what they are. But the adults around him help him by telling him what each thing is called. He sees a color, and he is told over and over that that is red, red, red, until he finally understands. Each object has to be identified over and over as he learns to judge depth, size, shape, and utility.

By the time he is five years old, he will have learned to identify literally thousands of things. You and he can discuss any number of objects and agree as to shape, color, texture, size, and usefulness. He has seen these things many times, and he has been told so many times about these things, that there is no doubt in his mind what these things are.

However, if you were to be able to perceive the world through another person's senses and interpret them with his brain, you would not be able to identify a single object in the world around you. The world would be as alien to you as it is to a newborn child.

From this, the young Perakee is taught to feast his eyes upon the beauty, the splendor, the wonder of his world. For it was created just for him the moment he was born, and will cease to exist the moment he dies, never to be repeated again.

According to my grandfather, the extent to which a person understands this one simple lesson, that person will be free from the draining influences of the Web of Desire.

I introduced the lines of the hand and told something about them to, at the very least, offer choices. We can either accept the standard orthodox view of the lines as expounded by modern hand analysts, or be aware that there are other views. My world is NOT black and white. It is filled with all the beauty of the rainbow. I have fought and loved every color under the colorful sun.

Teach your children that. Show them love and patience and kindness and mercy, so that when they go out into the world they will know how to treat others. Help them understand that they, too, are part of the beauty, the splendor, the wonder of this magnificent thing we call life. Lead them on a path of discovery that will so engross them that, when Desire flows so strongly within them that it threatens to pull them into oblivion, they will be too busy with their own path to succumb to temptations. And their eyes will walk on until they, too, become the Last of the Perakee:)


6. Legend of Perakee

The Legend of Perakee is a body of stories that tell where the Knowledge came from.  They have no value in the scientific world of today, other than as myths, and I claim them as nothing more. They are, however, the basis upon which I have lived my life.

My grandfather told me that the knowledge of Perakee was first learned by the Toltecs. They were called Toltec Devils by the people of the Bo tribe because of how they learned this knowledge. They experimented with babies. They were obsessed with the idea of immortality. They felt that if they could find the specific Thing which separated Life from inanimate objects, they would be able to control it. Their most heartless experiments involved dissecting babies, both before and after the Pierce of the Earth Arrow, in order to see if they could detect the difference.

In stories of this obsession with immortality, the stories of Perakee agree with the stories of Carlos Casteneda. In one other aspect do they agree. They both state uncatigorically that at least some of the Toltecs were successful in obtaining and using the secrets immortality, and are still alive to this day.

(Now, in order to answer questions before they arise, I was told these stories before Castaneda even published his first book. If my grandfather was correct in asserting that all Native Americans today are descendants of the Toltecs, then I am sure that eventually other stories about them will surface. Almost all tribes have their own stories of Those Who Have Gone Before. The Caddo call them Kadohah, the Navaho call them Ananasi, etc. There are ancient ruins all over the Americas which must conclude that an advanced race of people lived here at one time. And many stories about them are still around today.)

The stories handed down by the Bo tribe show that the people of small villages had very little actual contact with the Toltecs. Toltecs were usually seen walking about the prairies and deserts. They wore robes that covered their heads, and seldom did anyone get a look at them up close. In the forests of Arkansas, Toltecs were never seen unless they wished it to be so. The normal day to day activities of the villagers caused them to be in the woods constantly, and no Toltecs were ever reported as being seen. However, someone would look around and suddenly notice one of them standing in the middle of the village. The villagers would surround them in awe, wondering how they could have gotten into the village unseen. Many stories arose about them being shape changers, because sometimes an unusual animal would be spotted just before the Toltec made an appearance, like a wolf or large bat.

When a Toltec was encountered, he would hold up his right hand, palm forward, and everyone could plainly see that they were all Perakee. Almost every time one would appear, it was in the fifth summer that a Perakee baby was born into the tribe. The Toltec would appear, take the baby and leave. No one ever knew how they knew about the babies being in the village, or when they would be five years old. The villagers looked at the Toltecs as magical beings, and honored them accordingly.

As the Toltec Empire collapsed, the villagers heard stories of great battles between different groups of Toltecs. They had no idea what the fighting was about, and, since it did not concern them, could have cared less.

Then one day twenty-two Toltecs showed up in their village all at once. Since they had never seen or heard of more than two Toltecs being seen at the same time, the villagers were very frightened. There was much crying and screaming, and some of them ran away, because they thought the Toltecs were there to kill them for some reason. But the Toltecs only raised their hands and smiled. They scattered among the villagers and mingled with them. They were especially cordial to the children, though none of the children were Perakee at that time. The Toltecs opened their robes and took out various objects and distributed them around as gifts, and enough food to feed to whole village. The gifts and food were strange to the villagers.

After everyone had eaten and began to calm down and accept the strangers among them, the Toltecs removed their hoods from their heads. Again there was much screaming and crying, and again some ran away from the sight before them. No one had ever seen a Toltec's head before, and now it was seen that they were barely recognizable as human. Their foreheads bulged out, like a balloon. It was as if a strip of rawhide had been tied tightly from beneath their chins around the top of their heads at birth, which caused their heads to be deformed as they grew. And their eyes were very shiny as they peered out from the shadows of their foreheads.

Again it took a while for the people to calm down. The Toltecs smiled and helped with chores, and told great stories. Some were silly and amused the children. Some were about things the villagers could not understand. After a week, the leader of the Toltecs, named Taloh, began to tell why they had come.

"We have come on a mission of great importance to the world, a mission of mercy", he said. "We have known of the people of the Bo for a very long time. We have watched you, and in ways that you cannot understand, we have protected you. We know that you are an honorable people, that when you give your word, you never break it. So we have come to you to ask a favor. If you say no, we will understand. But it is to all of our great advantage if you will do this thing for us.

"We are the last of the Toltecs, the Empire is no more. All the knowledge of our race is in our heads. That is why our heads are formed the way they are. If we die, then all our knowledge is gone forever. But we have found a way to preserve it, if you will help us. And in return, we will give all this knowledge to you."

The Bo villagers argued for days about this, some for and many against helping the Toltec devils. Finally they agreed to the Toltecs request. "Thank you", Taloh told them. "Now, each one of us will die, one a day for twenty-two days. The others will bury the dead in the exact spot where their body lies. I will be the last to die, so you will have to bury me exactly as I request. A seed will be planted on each grave. Next spring, twenty-two trees will grow, and in those trees will all our knowledge be contained. Then all you will have to do is talk to the trees and they impart the knowledge."

"We do not know how to talk to trees!", the villagers cried. "What you say is nonsense! How do we learn to talk to trees!?!"

And Taloh replied, "The trees will teach you how to talk to them, in return for your kindness in taking care of them."

Bewildered, some of the villagers asked, "Why do you do this? Why do you do it here in our land??"

Taloh explained, "The water from the spring in your village flows into a creek that flows to the river (now known as the Little Missouri River). Not far from here is a place where the water changes colors on the middle night of the full moon. You call it the Creek Where the Water Runs Red." The villagers nodded their heads in agreement that they knew of this place. "We discovered in that place long ago a treasure that is more valuable than all the wealth of Man. We call it the Well. It is the place where all Life Force comes out of the Earth and flows all over the everywhere. It is this energy that makes Life. It is used by all plants, insects, animals, and Man to live. It was discovered by accident, and we had to hide it again or people would have come here and destroyed it with their greed. They would have built a city here, and temples, and all sorts of buildings. They would have moved here and lived with their pettiness and warped emotions. The energy coming out of the Earth would have passed through all the human garbage, and it would have been tainted. Life as we know it would have come to an end. So we hid it the only way we knew how. Everyone who knew of this place was killed. Thousands of people were sacrificed, their throats cut, their blood running into the creek and turning it red. The Earth still has the memory, and that is why it turns red on the full moon."

For the next twenty-two days a Toltec laid down and died and was buried and a tree planted on his grave. The villagers buried Taloh, then they tended to the graves as they were asked. The next spring twenty-two trees began to grow. The Bo village tended those trees for five generations, over 100 years. They grew taller than all other trees in the area. The whole village could stand under one of them!

Then one night a storm blew them all down. When the villagers went to look at the trees the next morning, they felt lost and afraid. Their mission in life was gone. And they thought the old Toltecs would rise out of the ground and slay them for allowing the trees to die. But suddenly the sky turned a strange color. They looked up and saw the biggest rainbow they had ever seen. It covered the entire sky, and appeared so low that you could have thrown a rock and hit it. So clearly could they see it they not only saw the seven normal colors of a rainbow, but all the myriad colors in between. They counted 21 distinct colors. With white on the top and black on the bottom, they recognized 23 individual shades! And as rainbows had long been seen as good omens, the villagers knew that the Toltecs were telling them that all was OK.

Shortly afterward, a Perakee baby was born into the tribe, the first one since the ancient Toltecs were buried. Then another, and then another! Twenty-two Perakee babies were born into the tribe within the year after the trees blew down! The villagers were ecstatic, but confused. No one knew how to raise a Perakee baby. Always before, at least according to the old stories, the Toltecs came and took Perakee babies away when they were five years old. So, what did this mean? They had no idea.

So they raised the babies as they would normal Mahakah babies. All went well until the babies were five years old. When the babies were old enough to talk among themselves, they found that what the Mahakah adults were telling them about the world around them was NOT what they were seeing. Always before, a Perakee baby had no point of reference, no other Perakee around to discuss or reinforce what he was seeing and feeling. Now, however, there were. And soon the babies were teaching the adults!

And from this it became clear why Toltecs collected Perakee babies. As the Perakee grew, word of their vast knowledge was passed from village to village. Soon other villages were bringing their Perakee babies to the Bo tribe to be raised. The parents, and sometimes the whole village, came along too and were welcomed. For the first time, at least in the Bo village, Perakee babies were being taught by older Perakee. As the Perakee reached the age of seventeen, they began to leave home to find other villages to aid with their knowledge. One stayed behind to raise more Perakee babies, and to lead the tribe.

As the Perakee came across others born with the mark of Perakee in their hands, they taught them all they knew, and then moved on. If the young Perakee were successful in balancing their energies, after the age of twenty-nine, they would hear a distant voice calling their name. And many found their way to this area. For thousands of years Perakee from all over the Americas made the pilgrimage to 'read the stones and ancient bones where angels fear to tread'.

From that day to this, the area around where the Bo tribe lived is known as the Land of the Talking Wood. Within this area is the Graveyard of the ancient Toltecs, alongside the Creek Where the Water Runs Red. 

Now you know as much about the origins of Perakee as I do.


I came and watched the Manwolves dance a long time ago.
They called to me from beneath my feet, but I just couldn't go.
I knelt beneath a cooling stream, I felt the sinking sand.
I reached to grab the sacred gold, but there was nothing in my hand!

I heard the screams of the terrified who couldn't pass the test--
Slain by the Watchers on the hill, guardians of the Quest.
I found the tomb of Taloh, he bid me come and see!
The lust for life in his yellow eyes was a trail of tears for me.....

The doors that beckoned in my life have brought me to this place!
Here I stand, an unworthy fool bound by the hands of Fate.....
Now it's my turn to make my bid; the arrows point straight at me!
Calm the Beast inside my breast if I'm ever to be free!

          The ancient Warriors called me back
          To step inside the Gate!
          And if I turn and walk away,
          We both know it will be too damned late......

7. Balancing the Level

In my last post, I outlined the Legend of Perakee, which details how twenty-two Perakee babies were born into the Bo Tribe at the same time. As they matured, they found that what the Mahakah adults were telling them about the world was not what they were seeing. From discussing this problem among themselves, they were able to reinforce descriptions of what they were sensing. All the knowledge of Perakee stems from that period. So from here on, I will preface what I say with "the Perakee", referring to the original twenty-two Perakee. I think this will be less redundant, easier to type, and easier to follow than prefacing everything with "my grandfather told me that his grandfather told him". I hope that makes sense.

The Perakee perceived the Life Force as being like water. Water is held in vast reservoirs within the Earth, and rises to the surface in springs, or Wells. Each type of life, whether plant, insect, bird, animal, fish or human, has an overall Well. Each tribe or species has its own smaller Well. Each baby, whether plant or animal, receives its own Water at the moment of the Pierce of the Earth Arrow when it comes to life. The Water is held in a vessel, or Cup, provided by the Earth. Not all Cups are the same size, so each draws its own amount. Not all Cups are made perfect. But each individual is forced to make do with whatever he is given. And each individual is different because of where he draws his Water from within the Well--- middle, sides, top, or bottom. As Water is drank from the Cup, it is automatically refilled from the Well.

The Perakee perceived this Water from the Well as almost pure. Though most of the impurities have been removed from it through the Earth's natural cleansing process, there are still bits of alien matter. This foreign substance was perceived as being yellow in color, and could be called Instinct, Racial Memory, or Intuition left over from when other lives used it. The Water is never wasted, but used over and over. As each individual gets done with it, it is poured back into the Well, adding what he learned to the reservoir. So each generation is a little bit wiser, or dumber, than the one before. In this way, life is ever moving forward, for better or worse...

Each individual is responsible for his own Cup. If he takes care of it, he will always have plenty to drink. If he lets it get dirty, his life will be filled with disease, at least until he learns to clean it. If he abuses it, it will become chipped and cracked, and will not hold as much Water, so his life force slowly gets less and less. Sometimes a Cup is destroyed through accident or acts of violence. The Cup naturally deteriorates with age, holding less and less Water, until it can hold no more, and the individual dies.

The Perakee perceived that there are four stages in the life of a Perakee, but only three stages in the life of Mahakah. The first stage is from birth to the age of five, and is the same for both Perakee and Mahakah. The child has only to live, to grow and learn how to use his energies. He is mostly guided by Instinct, or what the Perakee perceived as the Yellow energies, during this stage. He must be protected and nurtured. And as he learns to perceive color, size, shape, sound, taste, smell, and feeling, names are given to the baby for each of them so he will be able to communicate what he senses as he lives his life. If he lives to the age of five, he has passed his first great test of life. He has learned to contain his energies.

At the age of five, the differences between Perakee and Mahakah began to show, though not readily apparent at first. During this stage, the person's other two great groups of energy begin to take over his life. The Emotion group, perceived as the Red, or Moon, energies is one group. The Reason group, perceived as Blue, or Sun, energies is the other.

During the first stage, before the age of five, the Emotions and Reason are present, but almost completely subdued by Instinct. A baby is perceived as Yellow, mottled periodically with Red and Blue. But, since he has not learned how to handle the Emotions or Intellect yet, he is certainly not using them in a deliberate fashion, and it is the great mistake of parents to believe that a baby can. For an adult to punish a child of less than five years old, at least in the eyes of  Perakee, is a crime against nature. There is a vast difference between discipline and punishment. Discipline involves patience, love, understanding, and instruction. Punishment involves anger, yelling, implied disappointment, negative reinforcement, and pain. If parents had theirs mouths washed out with soap and were sent to bed without supper, the world would probably be a better place.............

During the second stage of a person's life, he is taught how to understand, use, and direct his Sun and Moon energies. The proper use of Emotion and Intellect is very clear. The Moon tells us what we need or want, and the Sun figures out how to make it so. The Emotion of pain tells us we need to go to the bathroom. The intellect tells us how to go about emptying our bladder and bowels, hopefully in a socially acceptable manner. A great part of the child's teaching during the second stage, from the age of five to the age of seventeen, is helping him to understand how to meet his needs within the framework of his society. He is taught not to steal, lie, cheat, kill or destroy wantonly, and all the other things that a person must learn to live in harmony with others. He is ESPECIALLY taught how to control his Moon energies. Without constraints, the emotions will destroy not only the individual, but all he comes into contact with!

In Mahakah, the Emotions and Intellect are kept apart, and rightly so. This creates a balancing of forces within the individual. If one threatens to take over completely, then the other steps in and, hopefully, talks some sense into the errant energy. Everything is OK as long as neither energy takes total control.

It is as if there were two great armies in the world. As long as there is a check and balance, neither army can take over total control of the Earth. Each is always aware of the other, and no move can be made without awareness that that move will be countered by the other army. In this way, the people of Earth are protected from total enslavement to one system or another.

But sometimes there is total enslavement of the Intellect by the Emotion. The Perakee call this the Full Moon Rising. It is a time of great danger for the individual, and for all he comes into contact with. The Moon has no reasoning ability of its own, and will carry everything in its path, including itself, into total annihilation and never bat an eye, if it is left unchecked!

The Perakee perceived that Mahakah were given a great gift of compassion from the Earth by separating the Moon and the Sun. When one system fails, they simply fall back on the other. This configuration gives Mahakah an ability to survive in the most inclement conditions.

Perakee, those born with Simian lines, are a different matter altogether. Their Sun and Moon energies, Intellect and Emotion, are not separated by a natural process. Therefor, they must learn to control their energies by an act of Will. The Perakee perceived this to be a great Trust of the Earth, rather than a gift. They must learn to balance the level of intensity between Sun and Moon on their own.

The Perakee began teaching children about these things beginning at the age of five. They did not worry so much about Mahakah children, knowing that most of them, like cockroaches, would manage to survive. Most of the teaching was directed toward Perakee children because Knowledge is the ONLY tool they have in their struggle to balance their energies. They saw this as not only a great gift, but a great curse. If Perakee do not learn this art of balancing their Sun and Moon, they will live their life in total chaos, being pulled constantly between Emotion and Intellect, never understanding what is causing it. Their life will be one long series of mishaps, broken relationships, startings without completions, and general dissatisfaction and uneasiness.

At the age of seventeen, the instincts again take over and humans enter their third stage of life. Like a bird feeling the powerful drive to leave the nest and fly on its own, children go into the World to experience life without their parents and teachers to guide them. This is the second most critical stage for Perakee. They have exactly twelve years to prove to the world-at-large that they can indeed control their energies in an acceptable fashion. During this period, young adults are given some leeway in the performance of their tasks, though certainly not as much as when they were children. The difference is now society administers discipline, instead of parents.

Mahakah remain in this stage throughout the remainder of their lives. They grow older, and maybe a little wiser, but they hobble on wobbly legs of Emotion and Intellect until they grow too feeble to navigate the world. Then they sit in the rocking chairs on the front porch of their lives and watch the world go by until they die. Most ponder, hope, and dream of an afterlife, but their Cups are too worn to retain water, and they simply lack the energy to enter the afterlife in full consciousness. Their water is poured back into the Well, to be cleansed and held in reserve until other babies are born to reuse that same water.

The Perakee, however, perceived that those born with Simian lines have other work to do. By the time they are twenty-nine years old, they should be able to control their Emotion energies, and get on with the task they agreed to perform before they were born. No one can tell you what that task is. Only you and the Spirit were there when the agreement was made.

The Perakee called this task that we are born to perform Balancing the Level. They saw that as entities use and reuse the Water from the Well, it becomes filled with impurities. The Earth does much to help filter these out, but It expects us to help maintain the Wells, just like we are expected to maintain our own Cups. If the Water gets too polluted, it becomes unfit for consumption, and those who drink from the Well die out.

The Perakee perceived that the way Perakee purify the Waters of Life is in two stages. First, as he brings his own energies under control, he acts as a great balancing influence on the people around him. From this came a line in a poem I quoted in one of my earlier postings: Power carried and where he tarries peace spreads across the land!

(excerpt from) WATER FROM THE WELL

Down by the Creek Where the Water Runs Red,
Surrounded by the stones of the ancient dead,
I drew a Cup of Water from the Human Well
(The wise man knows what the wise men tell!).

A full moon rises down the Corridor
And the Scarlet Woman says, "There will be war!"
So when I die and go to Hell
Just throw my Cup of Water back into the Well!


8. Sleeping With the Enemy

The original Perakee saw that there are 4 stages in the life of Perakee: from birth to the age of five, from five to seventeen, from seventeen to the age of twenty-nine, and then the final stage, called the Last of the Perakee. They perceived that the third stage is a great battle that is fought within themselves that lasts for twelve years. The principle combatants are the Sun and Moon energies, what we would call Reason and Emotion. Both sides are evenly matched, having 7 energies each, and no one can tell ahead of time which will win. Both are fighting for control of the individual. The entire rest of the person's life hinges on the outcome of this fight.

If the Emotions win, then hope is lost for that individual, at least as far as personal choices are concerned. He will live the rest of his life in a type of purgatory that he cannot escape from. He might become a drunk, or get involved with drugs, or live a life of debauchery. He might become a hermit because he finds it extremely difficult to get along with others. Because of his violent and unpredictable nature, he might even rise to the leadership of a gang or criminal group. Whatever direction his life takes him, he will be seen as an outcast by society. If he is viewed as a threat, he may be imprisoned. If his actions don't get him crossways with the Law, he may out his life in quiet anonymity.

If Intellect wins, then all hope is lost for that individual, at least as far as personal choices are concerned. He will be seen as cold, uncaring, incapable of normal human relationships. He will perhaps be viewed as a benign obsessive compulsive, no action taken without a reason, everything in its place, extremely rigid in word and deed. There will be no beauty, wonder, or joy in his life. Whether at the North Pole or in downtown Tokyo, he will always be alone, a machine going about the tactical rudiments of biological functioning.

These individuals were called Black Perakee, and were known as Watchers. Black was the color assigned to the Earth energies. Just because a person fails to bring his energies under control of the Will does not negate obligations in place when the person was born. The Spirit continues to move through the individual, destiny will be fulfilled, even if he has to be dragged kicking and screaming through the motions. And his only recourse is to sit quietly by and watch as the drama unfolds around him.

But this is no great mystery. Society doesn't care if you buy a horse. But you will be held accountable for that horse's actions. If he tears through a fence and eats your neighbor's vegetable garden, you will have to pay for the damage. If you buy a car, you will be expected to demonstrate that you can control it in a safe, acceptable manner. If you run other motorists off the road, or drive through people's houses at high rates of speed, or drive over people who are walking on the sidewalk, you will be banned from driving. You will then be totally dependent on others for your traveling needs, either public conveyances or the whims of friends and family. This is the exact same thing. You are expected to control your own energies! If you cannot, then society will do it for you! And you will probably not like how they go about it!

On the other hand, you pass the test at age twenty-nine simply by proving that you can control your energies, no different than owning a horse or car. It is that simple. Then the world will welcome you with open arms. They will say, "Good for you! You are one of us now. A little weird, perhaps. Nonetheless, you may come and go as you please!"

How a Perakee goes through this process to draw a satisfactory conclusion is totally up to the individual. As Larry R. pointed out, it is an extremely difficult process. There are no support systems in place to help us. Geneticists and psychologists and priests and maybe even hand analysts may be trying to help, but their results so far are dubious, at best. It is fairly obvious that they have no idea of who and what we are. But blind leaders of the blind have always been in vogue, and are especially in high demand today.

The Perakee called this balancing of the energies Sleeping With the Enemy. Mahakah go through this balancing process too, but since the forces are separated, it is like two distinct villages of people learning to get along. In Perakee, the once warring parties must live in the same house. And though they have called a truce, each understands that if the other is pushed past its limits, all hell will break loose again!

It may be the dream of hand analysts to be able to some day say, "Ah! You have a Simian hand. That means that you are this and this and this. It's really simple, don't you see." But if they try to put us all in the same box, they may never realize their dream.

The Perakee said that there are 22 distinct types of Perakee, as opposed to 98 types of Mahakah, that only become operational at the age of twenty-nine. When the Earth Arrow pierced us to bring us to life, the arrow broke into pieces. In Perakee, the second piece stayed intact, and left a scar all the way across the palm. In this scar, what is called the River, are 22 energies, coexisting side by side. As long as the Sun and Moon were fighting, the person never had a chance to feel the other energies. They have been there all along, but the War got all the airplay, so to speak. After the War is over, peace reins in the life of the individual, and he begins to notice little things that he never really looked at before.

The Perakee perceived that as we reach the age of twenty-nine, we reach a fork in the road. The left hand path is the way of the Black Perakee. The right hand path is further divided into four directions. These are the paths of the Red Perakee, Blue Perakee, and Yellow Perakee, and a little tiny path called the Way of the White Perakee, used only once every thousand years.

The four right hand paths of the Last of the Perakee are named by the colors of the groups of energy that make us Human. The Red path is the way of the Moon, and those who walk it are called Manwolves, or Guardians. The Blue path is the way of the Sun, called the Teacher's path, and its followers are called Wise Ones. The Yellow path is the way of the Priest, or Medicine Man, and his work is with the seven energies of Intuition, or racial memory, and the symbol of this path is the Star.

I don't know much about the White Perakee. My grandfather spoke of him in very mysterious tones, as if the one that walks that path is something more than human. White is the color assigned by the Perakee for the Life Force itself. "The White Perakee is the most ferocious being of all. He wields all the twenty-two energies as if they are one. His job is to bring balance, to undo all the damage that has been done in the previous 50 generations. He is feared and hated. He brings Light into the world. And, just as rats scurry when the light is turned on, men know they have been caught and are about to be brought to justice!"


9. The Perakee Way

I have noticed that many who read these posts have a primary language other than English. My hat certainly goes off to those folks. It must be extremely difficult to follow our musings in a tongue alien to their own. For English, as I rather imagine other languages do too, has many subtleties, fine drawn distinctions of irony, humor, sarcasm, wit, bitterness, and joy. But what else can you expect from a form of communication that utilizes a predetermined series of squeaks and grunts, and is recorded by stylized scratchings? And many of our words have different meanings. Take the word grandfather, for instance. My dictionary gives three different meanings for that word: 1) A parental father; 2) A forefather; ancestor; 3) Pre-existing condition, as in 'grandfather clause'. I would add another definition to that list: 4) A personification of racial memory or ancestral knowledge.

I am attempting to record here, for the purposes of posterity, stories that were given to me by my grandfather that were developed by people with Simian lines as a didactic device to help others with Simian lines understand who and what they are. Folks with Simian lines are called Perakee, and those with Heart lines are called Mahakah. These stories are Toltec in origin, and were passed from Perakee to Perakee by the Bo tribe of the Caddo.

The Perakee perceived that there are four stages in the life of Perakee. The third stage, from ages 17 to 29, is spoken of as a great battle that rages in the hearts and minds of all men. All religions and philosophies tell of this great battle, in many and varied ways. Only the most astute of Mahakah see this battle as a personal process. Most see it as something that only peripherally concerns them. But the battle inside Mahakah is never really quite drawn to a final conclusion. The result of all war is not necessarily the total annihilation of the enemy, but the destruction of that enemy's capability to strike back. And since neither side is strong enough in Mahakah to kill the other, the battle goes on and on and on.

The battle inside Perakee, on the other hand, IS drawn to a final conclusion, around the age of twenty-nine. If left to their own devices, one energy or the other will in fact kill the other, or dominate it so completely that it is never an effective force in the life of that individual again. Once the battle is over, the Yellow energies will rise, alright, only to be dominated in turn by the winner of the battle. In effect, the winner, whether Red or Blue, will be a dictator, a tyrant. And the individual loses all freedom of choice.

The only worthwhile conclusion is for neither Red nor Blue energies to win, but for the individual to bring the fighting energies under control of Will. And there is no one on God's green earth that can tell you how to win this fight. There have been many who have won, and their stories are shining examples that it can be done, like stories in the Bible and other holy works of all times and lands. But every story is different. No two people won their fight just alike.

The Perakee felt that knowledge is the ONLY tool we have to help win this struggle. The younger a person is when he begins learning--- about who and what he is, what the energies are, how they work, what the fight is all about--- the higher his chances of success. Without knowledge, the chances of success are actually very low. It breaks down approximately:

100 Perakee born
50 die before the age of 5
25 die between the ages of 5 and 29
12 or 13 become Black Perakee
6 become Red Perakee
3 become Blue Perakee
1 or 2 become Yellow Perakee

However, knowledge changes all these numbers. The gaining of knowledge-- of who and what we are, of how to deal with the struggle within ourselves, how to comprehend a world of our own perceptions--- is the great opportunity that Larry R. has given us. What we learn here over the next year or twenty years may change the way Simians are looked at, and the way we look at each other. We either do it ourselves, or the world will write on our tombstone:

          "It wasn't his fault.
               He was a genetic defect.
                    The poor bastard never had a chance."


10. The Boss Energy

The original 22 Perakee, that I told of in the Legend of Perakee, perceived that the lines in the hands have no power of their own. They are simply scars left over from when they were pierced with the Earth Arrow, that moment when they were brought to life inside the mother's womb, changing them from inanimate object to organic life form. The scars in the hand show how the Earth energies were dispersed through their bodies. The energies were grouped in various ways, and those groupings never change throughout a person's life. Therefore, we can understand ourselves better--- why we do things the way we do them, what causes our basic personality, how we perceive our world--- by studying the lines in the hand.

The lines on the hand, euphemistically speaking, are channels for the 22 energies that make us human. In Perakee, all the energies flow through the River, or River of Life, the line that hand analysts call the Head line. One of those energies is the Life Force itself, and the Perakee gave it the color White. It imbues all the energies with Life. Therefore it cannot be called a separate energy. Which leaves 21 energies that make us who we are.

In Mahakah, not all 21 energies flow through the River. The energies have been separated. Seven of those energies, called the Emotions, or Red energies, live in a separate channel called the Line of Death. These energies have no Life Force of their own, except indirectly, and are therefore also called the Moon energies.

There are seven energies that live in the River that we would call the Reason. The Perakee called these the Blue energies, or Sun energies, because they have so much Life Force that they shine. Darkness cannot prevail where Reason walks.

There are seven other energies that live in the River called the Yellow energies, which are the Intuitions, or racial memories, or instincts. Though these Yellow energies are an active part of all our lives, they are seldom perceived while the other energies are fighting. I went into some small detail about this fight, which occurs from the ages of 17 to around 29, in earlier posts.

Each line on the hand has an energy that is dominant within that grouping. The dominant energy varies from person to person. In Mahakah, any one of the 7 energies in the Line of Death can rise up to lead the other 6. And of the 14 energies in their River, one will naturally be the leader of those energies. The two Boss energies join together to make the basic personality of each Mahakah. Therefore, there are 98 basic types of Mahakah. There are sometimes other lines in the hand, with one or more energies grouped there, and of course that grouping will have a leader also. But instead of helping, this third, and sometimes fourth and fifth, Boss only adds confusion into the life of the individual. It is hard enough to try to please 2 bosses, much less 3, 4, or 5! A wise man once said: "You cannot have two masters. You will love one and hate the other, or respect one and despise the other."

In Perakee, only one energy will be dominant in the life of the individual. Only one CAN be dominant at any one time. Therefore, there are 22 basic types of Perakee, for once every thousand years a person will be born in whom the Life Force itself is the Boss energy.

In Black Perakee, either the Red or Blue energies won the fight, and subjugate all the other energies. This is not necessarily good or bad, but it is perceived as a less than admirable conclusion, because the individual loses a certain amount of personal choice. All the energies will rise once the fighting stops, but the person's entire life will be geared toward either emotional or rational pursuits.

Once the fighting stops, around the age of 29, if neither group has totally dominated the individual, then all 22 energies will have an equal voice. You will have a chance to get to know them, what they are, what they have to offer, their function. Each one has a completely different personality. Some you will like and enjoy their friendship. Some you may not really care for. But just like a company that has 22 employees, who all must work together to turn out the company's products, you allow all the energies to do their part.

Because of your nature and bent, one of those energies will become your best friend. You will do everything together. You will share each other's deepest, darkest secrets. You will become an expert of that energy. And, depending on the color of that energy, you will become Red, Blue, or Yellow Perakee.


11. Medicine Man

In the posting entitled Balancing the Level, I explained how the original Perakee perceived the Life energies that flow through humans, and that they perceived the task of all Perakee is to help maintain the Wells from which Life Force flows. And I told that that task is performed in two ways. Since then, I have explained the first way that this is done: by simply balancing your energies so that you yourself become a balancing influence in a chaotic world. You don't have to DO anything. Most times, just being in a given situation will prevent the Full Moon from rising in the hearts of those around you. "Power carries and where you tarry peace spreads across the land."

This process of balancing your energies does not happen overnight. It is a transformation that begins around the age of 29, when the agitation of the Moon and Sun energies is quelled, and may take many years to bring to completion. Several things happen during this phase of your life. As peace begins to reign in your world, you begin to notice energies that were there all along, but you had forgotten all about. I say forgotten, because there was a time in your life when those energies were the dominant force of all you were. Before the age of 5, a child is ruled by the Yellow energies, or Instincts. These energies all but disappear when the battle between the Red and Blue energies begins to rage. When the battle is over, they rise again to be a viable part of your world, and you will recognize them as old friends.

In a real way, you could say that, energetically, you become as a little child again.

Another thing that happens during this phase is: you lose a lot of your drive. Drive is a function of the Red energies, just as Wisdom is a function of the Yellow energies. Drive is the manifestation of Desire in the hearts of men. It is what pushes us to be better, faster, more powerful, acquire more money, have a bigger house, drive a better car, conquer more women, etc., etc. As the Moon grows less demanding, you will find that all the things you thought were so damned important when you were younger just don't matter any more.

A third change that you will probably notice is: it becomes increasingly difficult to answer even the simplest questions. The reason for this is quite simple. Before, there were only 2 answers to every question--- an emotional response or a rational response. Now, as all the energies begin to balance, you find that each has its own understanding. Therefore, you begin to perceive that there are actually 22 answers to every question that you are asked. This can be vastly confusing unless you understand what is going on. Answering every question 22 times is not a very effective form of communication, to say the least.

The Perakee saw this and devised a very simple, but effective, exercise to counteract this confusion. They said, "Never tell a lie, but always veil the truth." They perceived that for true communication to take place, a response must energetically match the question. If a friend asks, "How are you today?", you could answer him humorously, which is a function of the Red energies. But if a doctor asked the same question, he is expecting an answer from the Blue energies. If you answered the doctor with an answer from the Yellow energies, such as, "I am like a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, chocolaty on the outside and peanut buttery on the inside.", he will rightly surmise, "Boy, is this guy immature. He can't even correctly energetically match his response with my question!" Therefor, it is easiest to just pick an answer that closely matches energetically the question and say it, even though you know damned well that, from the viewpoint of the other energies, you are not telling the whole truth.

Some of your energies are bold and talkative, while others are shy and stoic, and take much coaxing to reveal their secrets. Years may pass before they learn to trust you completely. Years may pass before you learn to trust them. Like all things Perakee, it is not an easy task, and most will never get to know ALL the energies. Some will remain Red Perakee, some will progress to the level of the Blue energies. Only a few will make it to the level of Yellow Perakee. The Yellow energies, the Instincts or Racial Memories, are the realm of what in English is called the Medicine Man.

Becoming a Medicine Man is not a personal choice. Life is not a game show. "Let me see.... I think I'll choose door number three!" It just does not work that way. It is only after a life of hard work that Wisdom begins to flow. And don't ask me to tell you how to know if you are a Medicine Man. No man can answer that. It is not a title that you bestow upon yourself. You will not be able to say, "Yes, I became a Medicine Man at 12:30am on August 1st, 1932." It just does not happen that way......

My grandpa explained it: "At some point, if you are successful in gathering all your energies into a cohesive whole, you will hear a distant voice calling your name, and you will feel compelled to follow. Death awaits you at the end of that trail, but you will have no choice but to go. It is the Earth calling you home. The Earth itself will remind you of the task you agreed to before you were born. It will teach you all you need to know to complete that task. And what that knowledge is, no man can say."

I fully understand that what I am describing is a far cry from the hollywood John Wayne mumbo jumbo that is associated with the term 'Medicine Man'. Nor is it what is usually associated with Shamanism. Stop for a moment of reflection and you will understand why. Other systems wait until a man is full grown before approaching him, using a preconceived ideal of the perfect candidate to receive their knowledge. "Pardon me, my good man, but I couldn't help but notice that your turds float. Now, this is a very auspicious omen to me. And because of it, I will teach you my knowledge. But in order for you to understand what I am going to teach you, you must FORGET EVERYTHING that you have ever learned, because it is all wrong!"

The teacher then spends years and years, using some of the most bizarre techniques imaginable, just to get a person to the point of being able to perceive Wisdom.

The ancient Toltecs learned, after who knows how many years of observation, that certain people are born with the inherent ability to have a greater than normal chance of reaching the level needed to understand the energetic interaction between Earth and Man. They saw that one out of a hundred people born with Simian lines will reach that level of understanding without any training or knowledge at all, and that the number goes up by teaching them who and what they are.

The Perakee began teaching the First of the Perakee at the age of 5 years old, when the Red and Blue energies begin to rise. They felt that Medicine Men are chosen before they are born; not chosen by Man, nor after they reach adulthood. These Holders of the Knowledge of the Land are not chosen arbitrarily. THEY ARE CHOSEN BY THE SPIRIT!

When the energies of all men of all times and all lands balance, whether they are perakee OR Mahakah, they hear a distant voice calling their name. Most men see this in religious terms. They identify the entity who is calling them by the church of their particular homeland--- it might be Jesus in the West, or Mohammed if they are in the Middle East, or they might feel it is Buddha if they live in the East--- and they enter a religious way of life because "they were called". Some philosophies teach, "When the Student is ready, the Master will come."


12. The Rainbow

In a post responding to comments from Sarah on the Simian Discussion board, I stated that I would not go into the explanations of the 22 energies as perceived by the Perakee at that time. And yet, in the next 3 or 4 sentences, I told exactly what the 22 energies are. I stated: "My world is not black and white. My world is made up of all the colors of the rainbow. I have fought and loved every color under the colorful sun." I wonder how many people picked up on that?

The Perakee perceived that the world of humans existed in a very narrow spectrum between Life and Earth. They assigned the color White to represent the Life Force, and the color Black to represent the Earth. They knew full well that within the White, there exist an untold number of energies. And they knew full well that within the Black there exist an untold number of energies. But as far as human perception is concerned, our world exists only between these two colors. The things that exist above the range of human perception simply contain too little Earth to be detected. That does not mean that those things do not exist, but that they live in a world beyond the area normally perceived by humans. This would include things like angels, demons, fairies, etc.

Much that falls within the Black area can be detected by humans. But it simply contains too little Life Force to be detected as being a living entity. In this way, the Perakee perceived that EVERYTHING of and within the Earth as being a living thing, but simply below the range of normal human understanding to be perceived as such. Only when objects of the Earth begin to receive a certain level of Life Force could it 'come alive', or be perceived as a living thing. The most blatant example of this process is when babies come alive inside mothers' wombs, and this moment was held as sacred to the Perakee. Another example of this is bringing a dream alive. You give it Life by doing whatever it takes to make your dream come true. This act of bringing inanimate objects to life is known as Magic.

The narrow spectrum of human understanding between Black and White was perceived as having 21 distinct levels. Maybe it was because it was a strange coincidence that there are 21 distinct colors in the rainbow, I really have no idea, but the Perakee chose to name these energies after the colors of the rainbow. Therefore, to name the energies, in the strict literal sense, they are called---


RED ENERGIES: Purple indigo, Purple, Purple red, Red purple, Red, Red orange, Orange red.

YELLOW ENERGIES: Orange, Orange yellow, Yellow orange, Yellow, Yellow green, Green yellow, Green.

BLUE ENERGIES: Green blue, Blue green, Blue, Blue indigo, Indigo blue, Indigo, and Indigo purple.


My grandpa explained it this way: "If you look into the sun or a bright light, all you see is white, and your world disappears. On a moonless night or in a cave, all you see is blackness, and your world disappears. Therefore your world only exists between total light and total dark."

My grandpa believed that everything you can name has some degree of Life Force. He personified everything. And everything was looked at as either a baby or an adult. A twig was a baby tree, a stream was a baby river, a pebble was a baby rock, a Volkswagen was a baby car, and Mahakah was baby Perakee.

He never sat down and enumerated the specific energies. But from stories he told I began to understand what the individual colors represented. Here is an example of one such story: "One of the Blue energies could be called Herd. Everything exists in groups of individuals like itself. Water collects in pools, streams, lakes, and oceans. The reason it does this is because it is frightened to live alone. When baby waterdrops in clouds see a flash of lightning, they become very scared. The thunder you hear after a flash of lightning is all the baby raindrops screaming."

My grandpa always talked about the energies in clumps of Red, Blue, or Yellow. Once he was talking about the Red energies, and he kept using words like Dominance, Battle, and Drive. I told him that those things are not emotions, that emotions were things like jealousy, anger, frustration, happiness. After a rather heated discussion, he finally said something like: "Boy, those things are not energies. Those are byproducts of the Emotions. If you want to feel true energy, take a light bulb out and stick your finger in the socket. What you come into contact with will be true Energy! All the things you feel--- the shock, the pain, the piss in your pants, maybe even death--- are byproducts of contact with true Energy! When you are Dominated by life or another human being, you FEEL anger, frustration, and resentment, but those are only byproducts of that Domination! In Battle, there is no feeling, only the striving to stay alive, kill or be killed. You are not angry at the man for trying to kill you. You are not trying to kill the other guy because you are angry at him. And when something or someone interferes with your Drive, you FEEL anger, frustration, and jealousy, but they are certainly NOT the Energy itself!"

Only by becoming familiar with the energies within you will you reach a point where you do not react to them. When you feel anger rising, you can say, "Bah! That is only my Dominance feeling threatened." And you will not react to it. When you feel a tug to do and act like others rising, you will say, "Bah! That is only my Herd acting up." And you will not react to it. When you feel the need to kill another living entity rising, such as a wasp or spider, you will say, "Bah! That is only my instinct for survival over-reacting." And you will pick up the wasp or spider in a safe manner and put it outside so that it will be able to fulfill its own destiny.

The Perakee spoke of an ability to rise above or below the area of the 22 energies that make us human. This ability is reached when a person goes beyond the stage of life known as the Medicine Man. This highest, and last stage of all human life, is known as the Afterlife. Afterlife is not necessarily reached after the physical death of humans, though it is most certainly the case in the vast majority of instances. Afterlife is reached when all 22 Energies are melded together. Instead of the Energies acting separately, they become One. Like all the pieces of a scuba diving outfit working together, a person can use them to dive safely below the top four feet of the world's oceans. Or, by putting them together in a different way, soar above the normal spectrum of human existence.

Now, I need to make it clear that in none of the stories told to me by my grandpa, nor in the information I received from my grandfathers using techniques I have not described yet, does it ever say that the things I am speaking of in these posts is the exclusive domain of people with Simian lines. It is only said that it is easier for Perakee to reach these heights of understanding. Our Energies are not separated, so all we have to do is learn to keep them from struggling against each other. Mahakah must first learn to join their Energies. And those teachings are found in the world's religions and philosophical systems. I am only outlining a system whereby Perakee can reach these levels, which is, of course, different from the ways Mahakah may reach them. Breaking down the walls that keep Mahakah Energies separated may be the true reason behind all the bizarre techniques associated with normal Shamanism, and all the seemingly useless ritual of religions.


13. Land of the Talking Wood

In a real way, this is the most difficult post to write. Until now, I have merely repeated what my grandfather told me. These stories cover the range of Perakee existence from the moment the lines are formed in the hands, called the Pierce of the Earth Arrow, through birth, childhood, early adulthood, and finally to the Last of the Perakee and the Afterlife. But this post will contain knowledge that I have gained since my grandpa's death in 1978, at the age of 86.

There is much that can be said in favor of tribal life. A tribe, basically, is an extended family. Everybody knows everything about everybody. There are no secrets. Everything from food gathering and preparation to raising the children is done communally. Nothing is hidden. When a story is told, everybody hears it. When new information is gained, everybody knows it. In this way, knowledge is passed from generation to generation. Somebody may forget a part, but someone else will remember it, and the tribal knowledge remains intact for hundreds, perhaps even thousands of years.

In the Bo tribe of the Caddo, Perakee were leaders of the village. But there were times when a Perakee was not available to lead the tribe, and someone else was chosen until a Perakee was born and raised to an age when he would take over. A Perakee could die in childhood, or leave to explore the world and never return, with no one knowing whether he died or what, and the current Perakee could die before another is born. When this happened, there was enough of the Knowledge remaining to help the next Perakee born to understand who and what he was.

This sequence of events was broken in 1912, when the Bo tribe was wiped out by small pox. My grandpa had left home in 1909, at the age of 17. He never told me where he went, but I have heard him tell stories of working on the Mississippi when he was young. When he returned home in 1913, the tribe was gone. The village had been burned, and the bodies buried in a mass grave. He tried to ascertain if any survived and where they had gone, but to no avail.

My grandpa became an angry young man. He blamed White Man for the small pox, and he blamed the Caddo for not helping him find his family. He went into the Army and fought in WW1, where he was gassed and shot in the stomach. It took him two years to recover. In 1921, when he was 29 years old, he became a Methodist Minister. But because of his deep-felt anger and frustration, he never balanced his energies, and became Black Perakee.

He was a great preacher, and traveled extensively throughout Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas at tent revivals for more than thirty years. He always packed the places where he spoke. People came from miles just to hear him preach. He saved thousands. He was loved by everyone!

He was loved by everyone, that is, except by his family. For they knew the REAL Jim Hoover. His private life was marked by sensuality and terrible rages. I heard many stories about my grandpa that I will not repeat......

Once the energies crystallize into a specific pattern, the personality is formed for life. The only thing that can change it is the Spirit Itself. Near Death Experiences are only one way that the Spirit can take a personal hand in helping a person fulfill the task that was agreed upon before that person was born. There are other ways. Such an event took place on 18 February, 1954, the night I was born, and my grandpa was changed forever. Over the next few days he canceled all his speaking engagements and announced to the world that he had retired.

My grandpa began taking my brother, 13 months my junior, and me hunting and fishing when we were 4 and 5 years old. He was forever telling stories about all kinds of things. He built his stories out of things that my brother and I could understand, usually about whatever activity we happened to be engaged in at the moment. He told stories about Red fish and Blue fish that lived in the River in our hands if we were fishing. He told stories about Red, Blue and Yellow squirrels, rabbits, deer, duck, coon, or whatever we happened to be hunting, even though my brother and I only carried BB guns:) At the time, my brother and I did not pay much attention to his stories. We loved our grandpa, but to us he was just an old man who was always babbling about crazy things. My brother, who is Mahakah, remembers the stories, but only after coaxing by me.

The only time my grandpa ever became stern with us was when we entered a particular area that he called the Indian Graveyard. He always made us unload our guns, even if they were BB guns, then walk behind him in single file, stepping each foot in his tracks, and NO talking allowed! Then we would reload our ammunition and proceed with our journey. If we came to this place at night, we would walk miles around it. He admonished us many times to NEVER, NEVER go into the Graveyard at night!

When we grew up in the 50's and 60's the woods in this area were virgin forest. My brother and I only wore shorts, occasionally a T-shirt, and no shoes in summer. There was hardly any undergrowth. Most trees were huge. And there were dozens of tremendously large red oaks that my grandpa called Indian Trees. They were all marked in a particular manner so that you could tell them apart from all other trees. Whenever we came to one of them, we would stand quietly for several minutes. Grandpa would tell us not to talk, not even think about anything, just listen, and the trees would reveal secrets to us. He told us that these were our ancestors. He explained that when a Perakee would die, he would be buried in a place of his choosing, and a red oak acorn would be planted on the grave. The oak would grow, nourished by the Perakee's body, and hold all the knowledge that the Perakee had gained in his lifetime. And that whenever we needed to know anything, all we had to do was come to one of these trees and sit quietly and the tree would speak to us and reveal the answers to our questions.

In the summer of 1970, in my 16th year, the world caught up to me. Or rather my hormones did. I discovered sex, and I no longer had time to listen to an old man's stories. In the following year I got married, quit school, couldn't find a job so I joined the military, and had my first child. I was away from home for seven years. And when I returned, my grandpa was gone. And so were the Indian Trees. Weyerhaeuser Timber Company came in during the 70's and the entire Land of the Talking Wood was clear cut, the trees killed to make lumber. And I was as lost as my grandpa was when he returned home to find his family gone.

But my energies did balance, as these posts clearly show. In 1988 I heard the distant voice calling my name. And the Earth has shown me many things. It showed me that the Legend of Perakee is real, and that the ancient Toltecs did indeed find a way. And that their knowledge is available to anyone who can successfully balance their energies.

I have warned that Perakee Palmistry is not an end in itself, but merely a didactic device that leads to deeper knowledge. From here, my story can only go farther and farther afield from this site's stated purpose (the Simian Discussion board) of talking about Simian lines. And so I created this site to go into those other areas.

The end goal of any system of thought, whether used by Mahakah OR Perakee, is to bring balance into a person's life. Without balance, there is only chaos, and very little productivity. This system works for me. It may or may not work for you. I introduce it merely to offer an alternative to what is already here. It offers you a choice. That's all that most of us really want anyway. We are not lazy, we will do the work, we just need help in understanding what our choices are.



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